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HMEMSA is growing. We are in the process of extending membership to all those who are interested in becoming involved and/or informed about higher education and professional training in the U.S. and Morocco. Fill out HMEMSA Membership Form to become part of HMEMSA growing network of students, educators, educational professionals, and contributors who believe in advancing our homeland and its citizens through education. Fill out the Project Interest Form to get directed to other HMEMSA members who share your interests. Both forms are fillable and savable PDF forms. Download them to your computer first. Then, you should be able to type in your information and save the files as a new PDF files with your entered information. Make sure you send them to the email provided in the forms.

Membership Benefits

HMEMSA is a young organization whose achievements have far exceeded our plans and expectations. Our active members have been able to generate, plan, and execute projects that have had direct impact on many lives. Basic membership benefits include the following:

  • Bi-yearly newsletter that summarizes the work that HMEMSA has been involved in.
  • Eligibility to participate in the management and operations of HMEMSA projects.
  • Eligibility to propose and lead new projects and committees.
  • Access to a network of students and educators with whom you can collaborate.
  • Participation in HMEMSA Annual Conference where you can network and present your technical expertise.
  • and many more.

Online Forum

HMEMSA’s main goal is to create a network of Moroccan educators and students to share experiences, resources, and help one another advance their academic careers. Currently, the forum will serve as one of the tools to achieve this goal. To be able to post to HMEMSA’s forum and read others’ posts, you need to create an account using a valid email address. Use the login module on the right side of the site to “Create new account”. Once we receive your request, we will activate your account and send you a link through which you can choose a password. While other sites are dedicated to many aspects of the Moroccan American community, the topics to be discussed here should be strictly related to education.

Social Media

In addition to this forum, you can join other HMEMSA members on Facebook ( and LinkedIn ( In both sites, look for HMEMSA Group and request to join.