Healthcare Education

Healthcare Education

Medical Committee mission is to better the health of American and Moroccan people through encouraging and facilitating the exchange of expertise and sharing of the latest evidence-based practices.

2018 project

HMEMSA Medical Committee will be conducting it second “Education Medical Mission for the Orphans” April 3rd to April 9th.

Mission goals

  1. The main goal of this project is to exchange expertise of the latest evidence-based practices in various medical specialties which will help the Moroccan health professionals advance in their practice while connecting, supporting and encouraging them to contribute to better the health of the orphans of Morocco.
  2. Provide training to orphanage staff in variety of topics that interest them and benefits the physical and emotional wellbeing of children in these institutions.
  3. Bring in needed health services to orphans at the orphanages to ease access and provide medical supplies to meet their health care needs.
  4. Set up follow up system for continuity of care.

Past Years projects:

April 2017: first  “Education Medical Mission for the Orphans” to Sale and Temera orphanages.  Mission Plan

2011-2013:  Training “Rapid Response Team” and set up emergency response system of Ibno Tofil Hospital and Marrakech CHU.    Mission Plan

2009- 2010: Building “Infection Control Committee” Rabat Children Hospital and 20 Aout hospital, Casablanca.

Medical Committee Members

  • Wafa Bennis Bennani, Chair
  • Laila Benhalima, Representative in Morocco
  • Dr. Ahmed Zakari
  • Dr. Aicha Alyazidi
  • Nazha El Idrissi
  • Mr. Jalil Lamim, RN
  • Dr. Najat Bouchkouj
  • Ms. Yamina Ennaciri

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  • Ministry in Charge of the Moroccan Community Abroad: Provides 6 plane tickets
  • The Embassy of Morocco in the U.S.
  • The General Consulate of Morocco, Washington, DC
  • Operation Smile Morocco

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